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About Studio 4 Vinyl

Studio 4 Vinyl is a premier state-of-the-art custom vinyl pressing facility conceived, designed, and built by music production legends Phil Nicolo and Obie O'brien. Their careers collectively span 90 years producing, recording, mixing, and mastering legendary Grammy winning artists. In conceptualizing the new facility, the partners dedicated themselves to maintaining excellence in technical design to accommodate demand for audiophile quality custom vinyl. The Studio 4 Vinyl staff and technicians are dedicated to serving our clients with both uncompromising technical solutions and personal customer service.

Process & Technology

Vinyl Pressing Technology Uncompromised

•  Studio 4 Vinyl operates state-of-the-art NEWBILT™ Duplex vinyl pressing systems designed and built in Germany.

•  Studio 4 Vinyl is a purpose designed facility incorporating the latest innovations in ecological sustainability, including water and power reclamation. The facility employs a state-of-the-art temperature monitor and control system to ensure the highest quality vinyl product as well as reducing operating plant emissions.

•  Studio 4 Vinyl is designed, built, and operated by Grammy winning industry veterans specializing in sound reproduction and sound critical applications.

•  Studio 4 Vinyl uses Touch Screen digital control systems enabling technicians to monitor and operate the manufacturing process with 100% precision.

•  Studio 4 Vinyl uses only the highest quality NEOTECH™ virgin vinyl with pollutant free additives to create a vinyl record product retaining sonic integrity after a lifetime of continuous plays. Offered in 140 gram and audiophile grade 180 gram weights, and all existing colors and color combinations.

•  Studio 4 Vinyl is the first pressing facility to implement PERFECT GROOVE™ Virtual Cutting Lathe software. Perfect Groove allows the client a virtual reality audition of the lacquer master. This allows the client to make changes before the plating process, eliminating the time and expense of cutting multiple reference acetates.

•  Studio 4 Vinyl employs the state-of-the-art DIGITAL MATRIX™ electronically controlled precision electroplating system to create zero defect stampers. The resulting vinyl pressings accurately mirror the intended dynamic sound quality of the original master recordings.


Studio 4 Vinyl can handle all facets of production, from mastering to packaging, all at competitive pricing. The price list below is just some of the products and services we offer. For your fully customized quote, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 445 999 2157

Description Price
Custom mastering using our PERFECT GROOVE™ software is available by request. Call
Lacquer Cutting
Size Weight (g) Description Quantity Price Unit(s)
12" 180 Lacquer
1 $690 Two sides
12" 140 Lacquer 1 $690 Two sides
7" 42 Lacquer 1 $310 Two sides
Size Weight (g) Description Quantity Price Unit(s)
12" 180 or 140 1 Step
1 $85 Per side
12" 180 or 140 2 Step 1 $127 Per side
12" 180 or 140 3 Step 1 $202 Per side
12" 180 or 140 Stamper 1 $85 Per side
7" 42 1 Step 1 $75 Per side
7" 42 2 Step 1 $104 Per side
7" 42 3 Step 1 $150 Per side
7" 42 Stamper 1 $85 Per side
Size Weight (g) Description Quantity Price Unit(s)
12" 180 Black vinyl 500-1000 $85 Each
12" 180 Color vinyl (one color only) 500-1000 $95 Each
12" 140 Black vinyl 500-1000 $85 Each
12" 140 Color vinyl (one color only) 500-1000 $95 Each
7" 42 Black vinyl 500-1000 $45 Each
7" 42 Color vinyl (one color only) 500-1000 $65 Each
» Our costs for raw vinyl and shipping are volatile. Call us for our current price list.
Assembly and Packaging
Service Quantity Price Unit(s)
Sleeve insertion and shrink wrap 500-1000 $0.35 Each
Additional applications (stickers, etc.) 500-1000 $0.10 Each
» For quantities less than 500 units, please call.

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